Studio Visit

I was contacted by the two AA2A student reps from the Fine Art course at Wolverhampton asking if they could visit me in the studio to which I replied with a yes and a warning to come along wrapped up in many layers! 

In December the students made their way through the back streets of Digbeth to find me in my freezing cold studio - The Lombard Method. The studio was set up by a group of around 9 graduates, mainly from Birmingham City University, around 8 years ago. It's a shared studio with a very diverse range of artists and makers - there's a painter, a ceramicist, a sound artist, a video and performance artist, a fabricator, a collective who create DJ performances, an artist who makes 3D printers that can print porcelain, plastic and even mould (!) and a guy who makes bespoke amps. As well as the shared studio space there is also a workshop with lots of tools and equipment that you can use and also a space upstairs to document work (with an amazing view of the Birmingham skyline).

I gave Becky and Jackie a tour of the studios and introduced them to everyone who was around and told them a little bit about what everyone does and the studio space. They then asked me lots of questions about my practice and I showed them works in progress in the studio, some finished works and photos of work I'd made previously. We also chatted about my job at Eastside Projects and how it is leaving art school. I was interested to here what the students were making so they told me a little bit about their own practices and what they had coming up at uni - they were both looking forward to their end of year exhibition. 

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