Summary of being an aa2a Artist

I have absolutely loved my time as an AA2A artist at Sunderland University. Most of it has been spent in the print room which felt like a trip back in time thirty years ago to when I was a student at Maidstone College of Art. However I was aware that I came to it now with added skills and a determination to learn and to figure things out. To be free in the work but also to take more care than I might have in the past. I’m incredibly appreciative of the University giving me this opportunity and particularly the technicians that supported me so generously with their time and experience.

I was ambitious initially in how much work I hoped to achieve. I still have some unused etching plates and I never got around to using the tools for cutting plywood to make planned 3d constructions. However what I have achieved I am happy with. I hadn't factored in living far form the location - train strikes, winter weather and winter poorliness etc that held me up at the beginning of the residency. But I feel I used the later section of time really productively.  It feels very much like a stepping stone to hopefully being able to produce more larger print room based work. I’ve also learnt ways to produce and prepare artwork I can then take to an open access print room.

I enjoyed giving a couple of talks about my career progression and the areas of illustration I work in plus a small workshop on how I plan and organise my time and work as a freelancer. And I very much enjoyed the one to one conversations sometimes with the students whilst working alongside them in the print room. Thank you everyone at AA2A and at Sunderland University for this amazing opportunity.

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