Today the inevitable came; the dreaded presentation. Two actually.  I suppose it's like waiting for a bus and then two coming, but not.  You never want to be faced with giving a presentation, and then you have to do two.

I'll admit.  I thought that out of anyone I know, I'm the least likely to crumble at the expectation of talking to a crowd.  Afterall; I moved to Newcastle because my Mam said its the type of place where you can talk to the person next to you in a queue and they'll talk back and not glare at you.  Wrong again.  Usually, I could talk without the moist palms and tremblings which make your notes impossible to read. The funny thing is; this was a VERY small group of peers, and one tutor.  A hundred people or so? No thanks.  I began thinking about what has changed?  I used to be able to speak without "errrrm" punctuating my sentences and then spurting mindless babbling-rants... I guess as you get more confident in your art, you care more what people are thinking about it.  To talk about the very thing you put your heart into, is sort of like taking all of your clothes off in public?

Moral of the story? Be very very nice to all visiting lecturers.  Poor souls...

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