Taking a Dive

The studio was full today, as it will be for the next 5 weeks with graphic design students doing their printmaking module. It's a bit weird going from almost deserted each week to inundated, but i prefer to work in a busy space as a i like it when the banter gets going.

I haven' t been in for a couple of weeks due to work comitments so i was busting to get going. I think i'll have to moderate my plans a bit for the next five weeks though as it was a touch crowded.

I've been thinking about how the make the full length figures slightly more animated, as the drawn outline can flatten and make the figure seem static. I made a cock of registering one of the sections a few weeks ago and the sheets didn't align properly, but wabi sabi (happy accident - i think) intevened and i liked the way the form broke across the sheets. So I though I'd do it deliberatley this time and I think it works well with the diving figure.

I'll be away again next week, so so you in two.

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