My new object to cast is a bright red tea pot. After consulting with Joe I've decided to do as with the others a latex mould and then a two halves plaster modroc mould. I filled in the space in the middle of the holdig handel and the opening where the rea come out. I also run a thin layer of clay round for the lid to sid in as I'm not making it hollow inside but as one solid object. I must remember to make the latex mould thicker. The first layers of latex are now drying and I'll continue next Tuesday, can't wait!! What I find hard at the moment is that there is this gap from one time to the next when I would like to get on with things. Maybe it's good to give reflection time. 

No with the last patch of mould of Pestle&Mortar and little wooden bowl I was not so successful see http://aa2a.biz/pg/photos/album/24128/teapot . Latex mould is far too thin and I think if it is a bowl type shape it's hard to get the liquid soap down equally all around to made that thin shape that is the bowl. Also they all slightly leaked. 

I will  try and do a full latex mould with those two. I will digg out my old notes when I did full latex mould years ago and they were delicate moulds of Moroccon tagines. 

One of the teachers at College gave me print outs featuring a Korean artist called Meekyoung Shin who makes big and highly complex casts in soap. Different approach but very interesting to look into her inspirations and techniques.

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