Tests on Paper

The lasercuts on paper in theory could save time and labour if they worked correctly, I have my reservations because of burn marks made by lasercutting which would deter from the visual impact of the printed image. I cannot at this point name the make model or power of the laser cutter used but having used lasercutting previously I am aware of their properties. Several tests were done on variuos power and speed setting ALL left burn marks on the paper prints.

The above image shows marks left on a sample of Lambeth Cartridge using variuos settings


Cuts into sample prints were then done.


The vertical lines are the cuts made into the print the horizontal lines are the print itself.

I continued with the lasercutting on a finished print which I have plans to use in a completed artwork the photos  of which will follow later on completion. the images below are the laser cut finished print.


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