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Collaboration has always been key to my practice, and the AA2A residency experience has only cemented in my mind why I always prefer to work creatively with others. It has been a pleasure to continue my on-going partnership with FACT's Digital Ambassadors to explore the social history of Chester canals as part of this residency. Moreover the time at University of Chester opened up the chance to collaborate in a new area (textiles) and with a wonderful first year textiles student on the associated residency project Dressing theSpace.

Here is more information about the collaborations... 

Elizabeth Wewiora

With Xiaoxue Chen and the Digital Ambassadors group

My practice always seeks to investigate and produce collaborative projects that support and celebrate social change; past, present and potential future. And working predominantly in photography, I have more recently been exploring the medium's relationship to pattern design and textiles. For this recent AA2A residency I have had the pleasure of working with the textiles department and collaborating with student Xiaoxue (Anita) Chen. Together we have created a new costume based work, which weaves the history and changing visual imagery of a local historic site, the canal side George Street Pocket Park. The work seeks to celebrate the untold story of Victorian working women who would of kept the local industry & ecology at the time alive.

I have also been working with on-going community collaborators, FACT’s Digital Ambassadors Over60s group, to gather stories and research about the pocket park sites history and current redevelopment. The exhibition shares a series of video bites (works in progress) edited alongside the process of making, which has taken place during this residency.

A huge thank you to Paula Johnson and the rest of the University of Chester team, Fiona Huyton and the rest of the Pocket Park redevelopment site team for supporting this project. The Digital Ambassadors group and I will be returning to the pocket park site to do some more public recording later this spring. If you would like to share your story of the area, please do get in touch.

I hope for both collaborations to continue and develop into a bigger body of work over the following year in time for sharing new works from the series at our annual open studio event at Paradise Works (Salford) this Autumn. Thanks AA2A for the opportunity to collaborate as for me that is what it is all about! 



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