This is the third Microsoft teams lecture since lockdown and the last in this module. I am pleased to hear our resident AA2A artists talk about their fine art practice. As AA2A student rep I am familiar with the artists, nonetheless they introduce many interesting and salient issues, affecting not only fine art but all art and design third years.

Emma Grzonkowski

James Lockhart

Sophie Bullock

Clare Owens

Our own resident print expert Greg Fuller talked openly about the challenges of studying with dyslexia and how he had been able to support his artistic practice through his work in commercial printing and sales to his network of interior designers.


Please take a look at my earlier blog post featuring Jeremy Turner, our own deputy head of department. Jeremy gave an overview of his route to University of Chester and

Some interesting considerations introduced today included Emma’s use of Instagram and Facebook to generate most of her sales and the emphasis she placed on the need for authenticity, finding your niche, and, especially if looking for a publisher, to have a tight body of work. Sophie pointed out that even if you do not sell your work you can always sell your skills as an artist and went on to explain how working collaboratively can have pros and cons, one of the benefits of working collaboratively is having a sounding board for your ideas but conversely it can make you unclear about your own personal focus.

Here’s the most outstanding quotes I shall take away from today’s lecture-

“ artists do not have linear minds, they have butterfly minds” Greg Fuller

“don’t lose your passion” and “forward planning” Clare Owens

“belief is important, believe in yourself” and “start as soon as possible” Emma Grzonlowski

“do not be embarrassed to talk about money” and “beware burn out” Sophie Bullock

“persevere through the peaks and the troughs” James Lockhart

“learn to say no” Jeremy Turner

Of course, all the AA2A artrists have profiles on this platform, where you will find detais of their individual work. 



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