The artist, the audience and the object.


Snowy ground facilitates a perfect afternoon for some reading. 'Artificial Hell' by Claire Bishop is the book of choice today, which explores arts and artists that engage directly with audiences and see people as a key medium in their final artwork.
 The main questions and discussions are between the relationships between the Artist, the Audience and the Art object. As for many years, pre-Renaissance the relationship 'ruler'' was most definitely in the art object, with the artist and audience as mere secondary thoughts. Time has shifted and changed this relationship, where we now 'value' artists to the point of celebrity status and audiences are regularly asked to participate and engage with the work (for example my upcoming commission - Tea and a Walk in a (small) Field) .

In my meager studies and thoughts on this whole area (and on other completely unrelated subjects) I have just been struck by our human desire to structure our life into a system of hierarchy. The idea that for one (thing, person or idea) to be fully valued others must be diminished.
The art object was the top of this ladder for a long time, but in an attempt to redress the balance have we now trampled on this aspect as irrelevant? Aiming to make the audience or artist the primary holder of significance and value?

The astute of you will realise my thoughts are riddled with holes and open for debate, for value systems are good and healthy in many areas of life.

Perhaps it is just the idealist within that desires the hierarchy between the artist, audience and object to diminish, in order for creativity to flourish.
I would love to hear your thoughts...

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