The Automatic Teller

Hello, i'm a late comer to AA2A. Sean at Derby University kindly let me jump on the scheme last minute so I can make a wooden automatic teller in their wood workshops!

It is a wooden version of a cash machine type of thing I made out of cardboard for several performances in Leeds and Nottingham.

Woodworking is so different to working with cardboard and tape - it's a lot less immediate which I am finding a challenge. I'm used to rustling up a structure in an afternoon. This is taking a lot longer.

It is going to be portable and hopefully have moving internal parts - gears and things.

I'm trying to challenge my normal way of working. My reasons for using cardboard and tape are that they are easily available, lo-fi and immediate. It has a bit of a sci-fi and post apocalyptic look about it. I was concerned though that I might be using it in some situations because it is easiest for me rather than what the idea/piece calls for. So making this wooden contraption will hopefully exercise those demons a little bit - and expand my palette.

I learnt last week how to use the laser cutting machine - which is really brilliant. I'm not quite sure what to use it for yet. You can draw with the laser on to wood so this might be a good idea for the numbers on the automatic tellers face. Although I'm trying to stick with things looking very handmade. So everything might end up carved. I'm using a really softwood for the face that's really enjoyable and easy to carve.


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