With the AA2A scheme and Bucks New University’s support, I was able to experiment and test dye methods, mark marking, staining and embedding colour with transparent fabrics for painting.  Working under the umbrella of the textiles department, using textile approaches and industry facilities to research colour application and dye removal techniques with an array of fabrics.

Although the containment or control of creating painterly gestures within dye routines has proved hard, the colour staining, tint washes and pigment removal processes have shown positive results to transfer to paint.  As I return to the studio, armed with dye lab swatch piles from my starting research, I am witnessing my paintings' alchemy, surface/fabric experimenting, mark-making, paint application and approach is evolving.  A wider textile outlook is transcribing to paint!

Thank you Bucks New Uni!

Midpoint II, 2019 - installation view, Happy Hour, 12 April - 6 July 2019.  An exhibition curated by EKCO London/Roberto Ekholm at Kristin Hjellegjerde, 2 Melior Place, SE1 3SZ.

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