The end of the project.....

..... well, sort of. No longer using the fantastic ceramics studio at Bradford College of Art , but continuing to complete various pieces at home in my workroom - sewing and layering more of the small paint/dye splattered patches of cloth, using simple embroidery stitches. 

Sorting and attaching the small tiles that have impressions / marks made by the above bits of cloth and various old sample pieces pulled from old sketch books. 

Constructing frames for collections of small, shallow porcelain bowls, also impressed with cloth and stitch marks.

Still experimenting with the idea of 'kintsugi' - gold mendings, on fired clay pieces and with cloth.

Larger tiles , starched linen and worn linen buttons - suggesting old, incomplete, worn shreds.

Mending - preserving - tactile surfaces - compressed - made permanent - fossilised.

Looking forward to exhibiting at the Dye House Gallery in December.

This has been an amazing opportunity to try out ideas I've been mulling over for several years - and  I am very grateful for the time and space that the AA2A scheme gave me over the last year. Being able to use the ceramics studio at Bradford College of Art has been a real privelege - and I'm also grateful to Michael Welsh for his help and advice as the studio technician. 




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