The First Monthly Meeting

Last week, Tuesday 10th December, was the first meeting with the AA2a artists in our University. 

Unfortunately Chris (The other student rep) and I were only able to meet two for the Artists, Kim and Kadi. 

Kim described to us that she works in ceramics and her project. She has been in out studios from October using the clay and Kiln to create her clay rain drops and leaves to depict her combined memories of Coventry and South Korea, representing her past and present life with things that seem the same in both places.

Kadi described to us how she sees beauty in still moments. Here art comes in the form of video, she plans to film two older gentleman war prisoners in their 90's. It's not meant to be a documentary but a reflective diary seeing the beauty in the silences. She has found out Media loan shop to be quite handy but a little bit of a pinch to return as she can only have a camera for 24hrs but stated " a lot can be done in 24hrs" 

In the meeting we spoke about a possible open talk for all students to attend in January and as a Rep it is my job to help raise awareness. 

It was also discussed to try and get other students to help with the artists self-promotions with students possibly volunteering to generate web designs posters etc... to help with the branding of each artist.

All I think see the journeys taken by each artist to complete their projects will be a unique experience and I look forward to working with the artist and Chris (the other Student Rep).

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