The journey and where it has taken me.

Back last year in July i was looking at terminal illnesses through the microsope and how pretty the patterns were and the paradox of their beauty despite their destruction.

I began the year wanting to recreate these patterns using waste plastic material left by students. I quickly came to realize the limitations this material had. Next i moved onto metals and had a measure of satisfaction learning how to trace one of my images and transform the image into a DFX file for the water cutting machine and created the Twiggy image. I found the manipulation of metal difficult and it was at this point that my step dad was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. This lead me into researching tumours, looking at the illuminated images of brains and their vivid colours and more DFX files (this time cutting out acrylics). I enjoyed seeing the work produced with the laser cutters but missed the hands on approach of creating and decided to transfer the images into glass. 

In the hot glass room I was shown (and had a go) at making frit. Frit is a ceramic composition that has been fused in a special fusing oven, quenched to form a glass, and granulated. First I created a molochite mould which would withstand the heat of the kiln. My mould resembled a thin slice of Blackpool rock (my birthplace where my family still live) in which I created three stages of a brain tumour. The text running through the rock states 'Brain Tumours Suck' in pink with the hint of green resembling the tumour progressing. The stripes of the rock are tangerine and white their football club colours.

My step dad has always been a keen supporter of Blackpool Football Team and with only a few weeks left to live is still attending matches. 

This is where my journey has taken me.

I'm a long way from my initial ideas of pretty patterns through a microscope and yet brought full circle by the terminal illness I initially started with but viewing from another angle.


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