The moment of privacy has well and truly passed

The Moment of Privacy  Has Passed exhibition is well and truly underway and the visitors  are non-stop. Visitors are very keen to engage with the sketchbooks and to take full advantage of the opportunity to handle and look through in the sketchbook on offer in the Library Zone.   Some visitors have returned several  times to make the most of the opportunity which has been made possible by the generosity of the artists who have submitted their sketchbooks to the show.  

Having been involved with the show  from the beginning  and engaged with the exhibiting artists throughout the process it is good to see that there has been such a good response.

Within my function as Library Zone Librarian I shall develop my own interrogation of the notion of index and classification during the course of the exhibition as well as undertaking the usual functions of a Librarian.  The good news is that submissions are still being accepted for the Library Zone throughout January and February.   

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