The Small Print

How I solved my documentation wows!

Fed up and frustrated after three days or more of fruitless documentation with lack lustre results. I researched and bought myself a tripod for my smart phone. I already had one for my digital camera and so decided to do a test. Digital Camera versus Samsung Smartphone. I used exactly the same pen and ink drawing for my test and then compared the shots I had taken after uploading them onto the computer. I discovered I preferred the Samsung photos, they were evenly lit, sharp and clear. Since the phone was considerably easier to use I would advice  anyone who is not a professional photographer to simply do their documentation on a smartphone. The highest resolution images you can take are on a 3:4 setting; if you struggle to line things up straight you can use the grid feature and masking tape on a board like I did. Also, most of you will know this but daylight and neutral coloured backgrounds are usually best.


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