The Small Print

Today's topic is succsess and failure which I will no doubt expand on in later posts. If you get the chance ask for feedback and try, try again should be the mantra of any creative. I have been submitting a number of funding applications for a Sci/Art project 'EcologyNOW'. 

I plan to calculate my rate of succsess when all descisions have come through. It can be very disheartening when you get a rejection especially after all the hours of research and planning that goes into a funding application.  If you get the chance ask for feedback, that is what I did when I didn't get the CuratorSpace Artist Bursary first time round. I adjusted my application and I'm thrilled to have got it second time round. See the link here

Of course you won't always get the opportunity to receive feedback as those of us who have been unsucsessful in our attempts with for example 'Art's Council's Developing Your Creative Practice' or who receive automated emails with "the level was very high ....we received over.... 6400 applications and we are sorry to say on this occasion you have not been sucsessfull"  

The trick, is perseverance. As long as you're eligible keep trying and even if you don't get it this year, know that you will eventually.

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