The Small Print

I got the idea to start this blog from the BBC documentary "What do Artists Do All Day?" I can remember watching at the time and feeling disappointed that the show didn't live up to the title and that naturally it only featured famous and highly sucsessful artists. Since the reality is that less than ten percent of artists make an income from their art alone, it would be healthy to view 'success' from a more philosophical standpoint. This blog is going to track my highs and lows and will cover all aspects of life as an artist not just the creative making aspect. I hope that it will be useful to some and if not, entertaining to others.  

attempts at documentation

Artist Support Pledge

I had previously sold black and white ink illustrations of my sister's poems for a charity auction. I thought I could somehow easily transition into commercial work by redoing them in colour and selling them through Artist Support Pledge. It was a complete failure and this photograph illustrates my desperate attempts at documentation.

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