One of my "strategies" is to work on several pieces at the same time. Sometimes many pieces at the same time. This helps to avoid too much deliberation on one piece because as you all will know and as much as I try it is impossible not to think about a work in progress, especially one that requires more than one visit to complete. All one can do is not to act upon what one has been thinking when it comes to the making process itself.

Also when working on several pieces at the same time they cross fertilize. For instance if I have some colour left over when I have finished working at one stage on a piece, I find somewhere for the left over colour to go on one of the other works. Waste not want not.

Anyway I mention this simply because we have all been working for a few months now and one would expect one or two works to have been completed by now. Well yes but it is only just now that several have stopped and are ready to be seen. So next I hope to have some decent photographs made ready soon to form a small album to add to the website so you; if you are there, can see what I've been doing.

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