This may take some time.....

I thought it best to make a blog post as i haven't got round to it yet, and this is why.

Using Ironstone that has been ground to powder to colour my own handmade paper as part of my heritage project, I had been experimenting on a smaller scale but moved onto something bigger.

I have been making larger scale sheets over the last 3 months ready for an installation planned for an upcoming exhibition. It takes so long to do! Thankfully I've halved the process time by acquiring a paper shredder to make the pulp, that process could take a whole day just to make enough for a batch of 8 sheets, not i can make as much as i need within an hour.

My next challenge is space and drying time but I think that is something i need to just deal with, hopefully by producing a batch a day I will have enough come the beginning of May......I can only hope!


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