this week and the new project

Met some lovely student sharing the space this week, so nice to talk and chat. loving the two Italian girls work who are doing there internship- they are using techniques I’ve never seen before! Interesting stuff. 

its becoming clear i may have to learn chain saw wood and learn to wood carve for my next installation as i wish make disk facing,  (cone shaped to the side) as part of a video installation. 

Already have the video in mind for the projection. 

Really want to get on top of the idea but facing problems.

practiced with card but think i need to practice with sheets of wood now, card did not work yesterday- infact it failed pretty bad- on wards and up wards- it is a new project bound to happen!

popping in to wood work at 2 before i get interviewed at 3.30 at LCB. but not before i finish this lemsip cough cough    


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