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This is my second year as a student rep for AA2A (the perks of the part-time life). Last year my obsession was balloons. I collected balloons, I drew balloons, I painted balloons. In fact I lived, breathed and dreamed balloons. I blogged about balloons. I was infamous for a while as the 'lady who collects balloons'. I finally made them in bronze. I loved my balloons.

This year, I've turned my attention to something a little more abstract and a little less tangible than the colourful rubber remains I collected off the streets of Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton: repetition.

I've thought a lot about repetition. I've read a lot about it too. There is a huge amount of repetition in our lives, in all sorts of ways: in literature, poetry, art, routine, life choices and food choices. This turned out to be a vast subject.

I devised the #FreeRepublicofRepetition and spread the word amongst my friends and acquitances on social media.

I'm not sure where this project is going yet, but I have become quite obsessed already with the concept. Everything is repeating

I have created a website:

If you happen to find yourself on the 7th Floor of the Wolverhampton School of Art you will see some of my posters. Someone is taking them down. I keep putting more up. The ideas keep flowing. They are repeating, like gremlins.

 Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

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