Thoughts after firing the first kiln

It's been good to have thinking time, to let ideas settle and decide what is a distraction and what is important (I need to do that as sometimes there are just too many ideas)

It was good to finally fire my 'Kiln' and have time standing round the fire watching the proccess of 'decay' . I managed to video it, and have edited it down to 2 videos of 30 seconds and 3 minutes. I am thinking about adding words to make them6 more relevant to climate change.

I have made work in the past where the decay is much slower, and it has been interesting for me to see how different proccesses explore the idea differently.

I would like to make more fire ones, but maybe by the sea, so the video can take on a new dimension, perhaps the incoming tide can become part of the work. It was surprisingly disturbing to be left with a pile of fragments, they had potential to become something else, but I've not felt inspired just at the moment so they'll stay in boxes for now. The sea might hold the answer.

I do find it particularly inspiring to work in nature, to be influenced by the the seasons and the changes.I have been working towards a Sculpture Trail in the Outwoods in April and will be Artist in  Residence starting next week. I would like to combine ideas about climate change and being in the natural world.......developing them over the AA2A residency.

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