Trip to Washington D.C

29/02/16 - 04/03/16

Last week with Art History I had the amazing opportunity to visit Washington D.C the capitol of America. We left early on the 29th and after nearly a 20 hour journey we landed at our destination. The trip was a once in a life time experience, we arrived to a night bus tour of the city just before desperately running for our beds. Throughout the 3 days there we visited the treasured monuments scattered around the city from the Washington monument, the Lincoln monument, the World War 2 Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans memorial and the list goes on. Once we had strutted all around the city we would then move on to one of the galleries or museums, I visited the National Gallery of Art where I got to see Leonardo da Vinci's painting of Ginevra de’ Benci, the Smithsonian Gallery of American art and the National Museum of the American Indian. Out of all the Museums I personally found the Smithsonian gallery the most interesting. The art works were all so diverse there was a range of American Indian art, American art of the 1950s, classical American landscapes and modern Contemporary art. If given the time I would have gone back and visited it before leaving, there was just so much to see in such a little space of time I wanted to explore the galleries and paintings in finer detail. Although extremely exhausting I thoroughly enjoyed the days that I spent in Washington and would jump back on the plane tomorrow if I could.

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