I began with the notion of ‘Tripping over digital objects’ and whilst I might deviate, this is serving as a kind of anchor point, an ambiguous place to return to! In amongst my varied enquiries I have

-       taken photos of an open form resembling a laptop, cut them out and placed them in spaces where people walk, on the floor and skirting board of the Forensic Science corridor.

-    used the plasma cutter to make a metal version of the 2d object

-    met with a Forensic Science lecturer and discovered that Forensic Science will be moving into the new science building (it is currently adjacent to the School of Art) and that there will be a new crime scene suite to replace the one on the Forensic corridor

 -   went in search of the new crime scene and found a sign to the psychology testing cubicles...

I realise now that the false starts, diversions and sense of not knowing are necessary precursors to the more comfortable (but probably transitory) sense of a way forward. I am thinking about the physical postures that are unwittingly assumed during interaction with digital devices, about turning this into a journey through the spaces that I am discovering....about connecting spaces for art and science.

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