two halves moulds

Workshop is empty. Covered the second halves of the moulds in vaseline and then three mod rock layers. I just hope the halves come off as halves and not in bits. Striclty I should have done three part moulds with the bowl and the Mortar. The Vaseline should act as a barrier so they don’t stick together. Joe and I were discussing why I’m doing latex and modroc moulds and and not full silicon moulds. Well, I’m doing lots of different moulds and only need a couple of casts each so the moulds don’t have to last. Silicon moulds would be about £22.- per mould. I like going through the process and it works for me as it is cheaper the way I’m doing it.

Virgin Mary looks great in white soap. It picked up all the details. The more objects I cast the more real the whole projcet feels to me. Apart from the extreme satisfaction of making those objects they are becoming a desireable looking collection. I wonder what the owners of the original will say.

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