Un/Folding #3

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This is the third finished object in the Un/Folding series.  The previous two objects were created prior to beginning this residency.  Consequently no one will be seeing them here.

This piece began as an experiment in connecting the various elments using a new (to me) method - dowels & wood glue.

Having not learned from experience, I ended up with two halves of an object which were quite difficult to join together.  I did eventually get the thing together, only to have it begin to disintegrate during the painting phase.  (Poor quality workmanship, leading to a decision not to try dowels again in the foreseeable future!)

The disintegration forced me into having to break the object in half, again, & then recombine it using a trusted method; amazingly strong, two part (aerosol plus liquid) glue.

Another 'compliction' arose with some of the angled edges joining non-angled edges.  an angled edge has more surface area creating several 'lips' which destroyed the uniformity of the coloured edges of the object.  However, serendipitously, these 'lips', when painted the same colour as the edges of the object, (which, clearly, they must have been for the piece to work overall) provide a small amount of reflected colour on the white surface in various places.  This reflected colour effect has been one of the primary techniques which I have deployed in my practice for some time.  The Un/Foldings, with their continuous coloured edge, have been something of a departure, dare I say progression, in my practice.

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