Visualise. Limits of perception.

I am hopefully going to be doing another project with VISUALISE at the Cambridge Observatory, so please have a look at my tumblr blog to see progress about the project. The project should be a really interesting concept and follows on from the talk I went to a while back at Anglia Ruskin about the link between science and perception. In particular astronomy and perception. Perception is a topic that runs through all of my art works, so I hope I can produce something really great for this show. 

The talk I went to the other week really made me realise how I have been affected by an injury to my eye when I was a teenager. Although it could be seen as being detrimental to my art work to have poor vision in one eye, I think it has been fundamental to forming my artistic style. I am now much more sensitive to light and much more aware of form, colour and light as I cannot see detail very well in one eye. When I am drawing I can close one eye to only see tone and form. I think this has helped me to apreciate minimalism and to become drawn to light as a medium for art. 

I hope I can express these sentiments in my future work for VISUALISE. 

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