Vote For Your Favourate Artist Poster

With a look at the artist profiles and the interaction I have had via lectures, talks, artist workshops or one to one sessions has helped mold a template to create a poster to encourage students to vote for their favourate aritst. It will be a hard task for students to decide as there have been some very good insight into some of the artist's practice and although there has been another student also promoting and talking to artists we have only met up a couple of times and have waged our own campaign to encourage students to engage and attend functions that the artists have been available at Coventry University am not sure if this was a good or bad thing but meant that we did not contact each other although I did seek the other student out to colaborate but one reason and another this did not materilise through no-bodys fault but it also meant that the four artists had two students championing their practice which may have further aidded their profile. I can not speak for the other student but can speak for myself that it had helped progress my own practice and have used the artists who have been available or in university when I appoached them it was a shame that did not get to meet all of them but would endevour to carry on with this when I return for the second year of my Masters course so if future AA2A artists apply to Coventry Universtiy come and find how I can help rasie your profile while you explore your practice.

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