walking in the warmth

five months on from the end of the residency and i've popped back to tweak the words that reside here.  in those five months i have continued to progress and have continued to produce work.  my plan is to leave this place for a while and continue along the path that became apparent during the residency.

i still find it difficult to write about my inner worldly thoughts as i want to make them actual before writing about them.

i'm considering space a lot recently. i have an idea for new work that leads on from the research acheived on the residency. the new work will benefit from the work done here.  

i also have this experiment going on:



recently to the time of writing,  i have realised that i am not athur pita, cannot be him and do not have his connections and as such have left myself the space to be me, to make what i want to and be happy in that pursuit.


i continue to walk in the warmth.

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