water on the floor, midge ure and editting my aa2a profile

a day of unexpectations.

i didn't expect to wake up to water on the kitchen floor from a leaky tap in the bathroom.

i didn't expect to hear midge ure's music touring documentary on radio four.  it was lovely to hear as it resonated with personal experience.

i did expect to want to edit my aa2a profile as today is the academic semester end at ntu, and i using this as a punctunation mark at the end of a very busy year for me.

i had planned to write a response on a moany blog entry from a fellow aa2a artist.  i have decided not to as i decided i didn;t want to get drawn into a storm in a tea cup that is no concern of mine.

the water got mopped up.  ure made me smile.


editting my profile has been enjoyable.  what i didn't mention in the edit was the on going use of the library and the progress within my interdisciplinary collaboration.

i have things i need to do of a personal nature so for the next few weeks my practice will be on tick over while i address some burning issues that i've been putting off while focussing on progressing my practice.

despite the puddle, things do feel good.

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