What They Did Next - Bonnie Craig

So how are our AA2A artists getting on in the print studio at UCLan? Well there's a lot of activity and exploration as they develop techniques and ideas.

First an update on the lovely Bonnie Craig, I asked her firstly what personal projects she's been working on and her experience of the AA2A scheme so far, here's what she had to say;

For my first AA2A project I filled a wall in a corridor that leads to UCLan’s print studios with a screenprinted installation. This was a great opportunity to create a site-specific work that involved taking details from the architectural detail in the corridor and reworking it into a large, screenprinted piece. My work is usually based on patterns, which is an approach I followed for this piece, but creating patterns from the exposed pipework of the ceiling was a new challenge, as I normally work with simpler, geometric shapes. 
I’m now concentrating on a series of sets of screenprints created from a collection of simple shapes that can be put together in different combinations and colour ways. These allow me to work with colour, shape and composition in a methodical way, which I hope will help me to learn more about the balance of order and disorder in pattern, as well as challenging some of my own assumptions about the use of colour. 
The AA2A placement is a brilliant opportunity to work alongside students, other artists and university staff, as well as being able to access UCLan’s print studio and library. It’s providing a great transition from my MA to the ‘real world’ and it’s a pleasure to be a part of the university’s print department, which is a very supportive and sociable environment. Meeting the other AA2A artists has been really valuable, and I’m looking forward to our group exhibition later in the year.
Check out my image album 'AA2A What They Did Next' for some stunning images of the artists latest prints!

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