real anticipation...can't wait to get back to my white paper...it is stretched to perfection...beautiful.

Dilemma ..can't wait to plunge in...can't bear to make the first mark.

There are possibilities...do I pre -ordain or see what comes?

Can't start... 

Porcrastinate with the taking of useful photographs. (See new photo album)


OK there is a bit of a plan emerging... how about taking the monoprints I made before and cutting them onto metal sheet, glass or even slate with the laser... a reversal of the traditional printing method. From the print to the plate..I like that idea.

Also on the go... the field drawings...a drawerful.

And at home the slow methodical oil paintings.It is good to have all these posssibilities and varieties bouncing off each other.


Mo suggests I borrow a tripod for my cameraand introduces me to Abi the 3-D technician.

He talks me through the possibilities of laser cutting - Glass, metal, slate! Yes!!!


Need to work out the proceedure from drawing, to Illustrator, to cut plate... this feels exciting.


Great to spend time with Abi at her studio space...chat about life and art...


She looks through my drawings with me. It helps me  decide what to do with my white field...but I've left it too late in the day to begin...it remains immaculate...

...and I have a good reason to rush back to Luton asap.


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