Witnesses, Watchers and some leftovers...

I've put some new photos up, so have a look at them, and this might make some sense.

Well the headboard finally arrived - only 27 days late - and now the second triptych, 'The Watchers' is well on its way. Just got to play around with the colours a little bit, not too much.

I spent ages looking at 'The Witnesses' and wondering what else it needed. I was thinking about the idea of these pieces being some kind of domestic debris, the trellis in particular, like something that might have been left outside to be 'discovered' years later. That made me think about what other sorts of objects you might find lying about, and I liked the idea of using broken bottles.

Thinking it through, I thought that if I used actual bottles, I might find it difficult to attach the curved glass to the trellis, so I opted for a sheet of stained glass, which I then broke into smaller, shattered pieces (it's great fun smashing a nice clean sheet of glass with the heel of your boot!!).I haven't been able to have a proper look at the finished thing because the last of the glue was still setting, but I was pleased with the half-way stage (you can see bits of this in the photos).

I also bought a radiator cabinet to be the base of my third triptych, 'The Wanderer'. More on that when I've spent more time on it.

I went back to the spot where I'd seen the broken ceramic pieces in the street, but they were gone. I did however find some nice pieces of slate, which I think I'm going to use for one of my Lovecraft inspired work. There are also a few larger pieces of leftover glass which I want to try painting on, as I've never done that before.

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