Work developing

Well, you start off thinking you are headed in one direction, and while you're going there you find that in fact you're heading in a different one....... at least that what has happened to me whilst on the journey that is the AA2A scheme. I feel like it has given me the time and space to re-evaluate my work, where it has come from and possibilities on where it may be headed.

I started by wanting to find a way of intergrating my screenprinting and painting techniques, two disciplines that had always existed seperately in my creative practice. Through beginning to explore how that may work, spending time in the print at Bath I began to become frustrated with the results, nothing hung togther in the way that I thought it might, it seemed forced and ultimately a complicated method of combining the two elements.

I am now experimenting with producing large photographic prints, tiled together and overpainted, work is quicker to produce and as a result I am less precious about the results and preserving the image......they're drawn on, have electrical tape stuck on them, if it goes pear shaped it easy to produce another base image to work from.

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