work in progress exhibition

A week or so ago I was part of the work in progress exhibition at Loughborough. Just before I set up I wasn't entirely sure what I had, and if it amounted to anything tht made any sense. By placing the work in a gallery setting, doing some drawings, and giving a talk helped me to see where I was going. I was able to clear my head of the tangle of thoughts and ideas and see what I had done so far.

My original idea was to make ceramic spheres, smash them, remake them using unfired paper clay and then using water allow them to be destroyed, and see what happened in the proscess.

So far I have made 2 spheres from paperclay and fragments, one has been in a tray of water since the exhibition and is now half a sphere.

I have been working with metal rods, bending and welding them, it has become drawing in space, and I hope to add paper clay and fragments to them soon.

During the residency I have been distracted by other ideas, and it has been good to follow these, ideas that will hopefuly become part of my work. It has been good to make work in progress, with no specific outcome, as this opens up other avenues of thought.

I am putting work in an exhibition next week, and my experiments are feeding into the piece of work I am making for that.

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