Working Hard (but not at college! Oops!)

Over Christmas and the dark depths of January I have been doing a lot of reading- interviews with other artists, monographs, art history in a bid to feel more informed about what Im doing. My aim is to make subtely moving images that are intriguing as well as insightful but I feel I always come back to the same themes- the unknown, 'tricks' of the light, being alone. I want to develop my work as far as possible but I always come back to my initial thoughts. I think this is because I havent fully made all the work yet I just think about it and sketch it so its still not fully resolved. From my reading Ive been surprised how much everyday life is a source of inspiration for others- how we interact, work, eat etc and I really like it. Sometimes I think these thoughts I have are too mundane to translate into artworks but I love all the tiny insights I get from other peoples work, just knowing how other people think is inspiring and interesting to me as art as it makes me feel like were all in this together, one of the big aspects of art I really love.  In writing this it has helped me decide to put my only silly little fears out there in my work, like when im in bed I dont like it if my feet arent covered in case they are eaten by a monster (Im 28) or how the loft hatch in my hallway that is slightly ajar is definately home to ghosts (which I dont beleive in) or if I look out the window into my own small garden Im always suprised there isnt someone staring back. Even though Im not very good at updating it regularly I like doing this blog, it helps me work stuff out in my head which is usually very jumbled with what Im doing, what I think I should be doing, what I want to do that Ive seen other people doing because theirs tends to look more interesting and pretty and insightful than mine and what I dare to do without looking like a total freak. Ta

Back to the title of this post briefly, I couldnt decide what software to use so ive been going round in circles doing bits and bobs b ut always going back to my initial thoughts, I need to start experimenting loads more in the studio- i promise to use the rest of my time wisely!!

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