I am not a ceramicist!

That said I offered a mould making workshop which took place last Thursday,

Thirteen students signed up, three made apologies, four turned up, others presumed MIA.

Those who did attend experienced how (and how not) to make a two part plaster mould.

Each brought there own object except one who made a mould of my work for me, and properly better than some of my efforts!

We made moulds of tiny figures, figurines, a money box and an alarm clock. The latter proving most difficult - becoming stuck in the mould at one point due to slight oversight. Alas. My fault I feel, we were in a hurry for lunch and it was St Patrick's Day - pint of the black stuff and some hula-hoops. mmm....

But we have managed to successfully make casts of all objects, although the clock doesn't look quite like its original. Next step is to fire them in the next batch to inhabit the now working kiln which had its inaugural ceremony giving life to some of the parian cast work i produced over a month ago. I'll get some images uploaded soon.

And as well as plaster mould making I also showed the group alginate and with great results we produced some replica hands and toes. A fab, quick and easy mould making/casting technique that always amazes first time users. They're all telling me there gonna get more of the stuff now. Pretty positive response 🙂

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