Wrapping things up for holidays

Catching up with how the residency has been coming along so far as we approach this break in term next week.

There has been some adjusting myself into the working print studio over the past few weeks as I'm finding out more about how the whole facility works on the day-to-day level.

Gathering materials for the projects I'm now more certain about pursuing, I managed on Monday to pick up a 10 metre roll of Fabriano paper for my monoprinting from Turners art suppliers. I'm  monoprinting from sheets of acetate, more images of those will follow as they develop and that process seems to be leading me to other new ideas..

It's great to now see the completion of a few of my own experiments with both monotype yesterday and drypoints over the past 3 weeks. I've always felt asthough the process of printmaking is very similar to science experimentation, so much of it is an ongoing exploration of materials, staying with that process can often produce great results when it works out.

Also completing in time for the winter break the drypoint workshop project with the A level students on their own finished prints. They've produced a good selection of varied self-portraits inspired by some of the artists they'd been looking at including the etchings of Lucian Freud, Chuck Close and the portrait studies of Marlene Dumas along with many others for their inspiration.

I'll be continuing with my ongoing portraits of them using their photo portraits I have for reference.

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