" You dont know a place until you know its people "...

 I finally started painting what would be my first 2 pieces of work on  AA2A residency. Everyone  has been welcoming, friendly and extremely helpful.  Rob Moore, the Dean, Desmond  Brett, PL of Contemporary Fine Art, the teaching, technical and admin staff and  students I have meet so far are all superb.  HSAD has such a fantastic facilities. I am looking forward to making good use of the facilities during my time here.

I am learning a lot of names and trying to remember people by their names. I am going to try and reel off names of some of the people I have meet.  Staff members are Rob, Desmond, Brian, Jo, Mandy, Ian, Harry, Anna,  Leanne, Steve, Glynis and Phil. The following are some students I have meet and whose names I remember for now  - Dev, Debbie, Sarah, Danielle, Laura and Claire.

It a bit easier remembering their names because I share the 2nd year studio with them. I hope to venture about a bit more as I get into my rhythm. As the saying goes  "you dont know a place until you know its people".  Have a good weekend!

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