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Artist Support Fund

AA2A has a ring-fenced fund for artists participating in current AA2A schemes to help with the cost of childcare, travel and materials, and costs associated with disability, which are incurred during the residency period.

This year’s deadline for all applications will be in early/mid November (date TBC). Late applications will be considered in exceptional circumstances, provided there is any money remaining.

All applications will be assessed after the application deadline. We aim to let artists know the outcome of their application within 2 weeks of the closing date. Once informed of our decision, we will aim to make the payment within of week.

Please note that AA2A residencies at different universities may not start at the same time, so there may be several weeks between your offer of a place and the outcome of your support fund application.

Application criteria:

  • Artists must have been offered a place before they apply for ASF.
  • Payments will only be made on confirmation of acceptance of a place.
  • Artists on benefits associated with low income can apply for up to £400.
  • Artists with income below £13,000 but not in receipt of benefits can apply for up to £300.
  • Artists with costs associated with disability can apply for up to £800.
  • Artists can apply for support with costs associated with disability AND low income/benefits, but must show which costs fall into which category.

If audited, we may need to ask for evidence of spending so please keep records including receipts etc. 

Due to Arts Council England rules, ASF is not a grant but an advance payment of expenses you expect to incur.  If expenses vary slightly from your estimate you do not need to contact us, as long as they are still within general rules, and records are kept. The money can be used towards travel, formal childcare and materials, which you would not otherwise need. 

Reimbursement for travel can be public transport or mileage, paid at a maximum of 25p per mile. Funds cannot be used against the cost of capital items such as computers, kilns etc. Should less than 50 of the 100 access hours be used at your host institution, artists may be asked to return an appropriate proportion of the money or any unused materials.  Any unspent funds must be returned so we can fund other artists.

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