City of Bath College   2009/2010

Anne Deeming

I felt my work and my development as an Artist benefited from the process of being involved with the AA2A as it gave me the opportunity to analyze and reassess my work and its context. Even before I started the placement I felt as though I needed to change the way I was working and find a way of combining the printing and painting elements of my practice. Through beginning to explore how that may work, spending time in the print room at Bath I began to quickly become frustrated with the results, and I realised that my preformed ideas of how my work may develop into wallpapers wasnít going to work in the way I had imagined. However, going through this whole process opened up new avenues of exploration and freed up my work in a way that made it possible to begin experimenting again, and has fundamentally changed the work I now make. I am making wallpapers now, but only in the loosest sense of the word, using digital prints and also working directly on walls in a range of materials, including paint, paper and insulation tape.

Photographer: the artist

'Electrical tape drawing'
electrical insulation tape on paper -2.5 x 1.5m

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