AA2A Resident Artist

Åse Vikse

I am a multidisciplinary artist who mainly works with printmaking, ranging from traditional Woodcut to contemporary Monoprint. I use walking, found objects and wood – often reclaimed – in my artwork, and I refer to myself as a wandering artist whose expression is strongly rooted in coastal living. My work is research-based, with a strong focus on process-led practice. I am interested in exploring interrelationships in my artistic processes and often gravitate towards the ‘silent stories’ such as the misplaced objects, the forgotten humans, the everyday moments, or the seemingly coincidental encounters that inevitably connect us. This is something I would like to explore further in this artist placement. Encounters in an educational environment where sharing of knowledge is a constant, are extremely valuable. I am looking forward to exploring myself in the setting that York St John University offers through the AA2A scheme as a communicator of what I am most passionate about, printmaking. I see my time as an AA2A artist as a unique opportunity to dedicate more time to my artwork. I would also welcome insight into my creative process from the early research phases through to printing the final product. I have gained invaluable knowledge from other professional practitioners which I will bring with me as knowledge and skills to share. One of the greatest privileges of working in this type of environment is the connecting fellowships and potential collaborations that occur through interaction. My constant goal is not necessarily to be fully trained, but to constantly educate – and be educated – by sharing.
Åse Vikse photo

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