AA2A Resident Artist

Brigitte Watkinson

At the root of my practice is an ongoing fascination with the notion of entanglement – the continuous, cyclical process of emotions, encounters and experiences interlacing and interconnecting and subsequently affecting and intra-acting with mood and memories, which again informs consciousness and sub consciousness. Due to the pandemic and more recent political and environmental events I began to experience and deal with bi-polar like sentiments of despair and gloom, hope and cheerfulness, fear and endurance. I document subsequent investigations, interpretations and inspections of the inside versus the outside in surreal paintings and collages; creating visions and telling stories of the complex dynamic and surreal interior landscape of my emotions through collated magazine images, old art work, current newsprint, paint, photography and found objects that amalgamate into visual reflections of the bizarre world we live in. During this residency I would like to develop my work further, explore different disciplines such as print-making and 3D art and explore the porribility of creating 3D collage work.
Brigitte Watkinson photo

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