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Debbie Yare

I am a visual artist working with photography, video, sound, drawing, writing, and performance. My work is largely concerned with understanding, recording, and translating direct experiences of environments on and around Morecambe Bay, where I live. Much of the work emerges through the act of walking, exploring, revisiting, and spending extended lengths of time in the environment. I have come to view my art practice as an exploration of ways of knowing, communicating, and collaborating with the world around me. Whilst I was studying for an MA during the pandemic, my work focussed much more closely on the coastal area where I live. As we came out of the pandemic, this coastal environment consisting of salt marsh, mudflats, and river estuary began to erode rapidly. This directed my research into areas such as salt marsh ecology and restoration, and climate change. This research put me in touch with academics from Lancaster University, creating opportunities for the work to develop into socially engaged practice. Often the various aspects of my practice feel quite separate from one another. This can be frustrating as they each encourage different perspectives on the environment, which I feel are equally important. I would like to experiment with new ways of working to bring these elements of my practice closer together; so that they can communicate with one another more effectively. I would like to work towards a small multi-faceted exhibition/performance of the work, or a workshop and presentation showing its evolution. This would be such an exciting development for my art practice.
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