AA2A Resident Artist

Lois Gilbert

Drawing inspiration from an interest in texture, colour and process I enjoy challenging traditional painting techniques, using printmaking as a tool. Collecting colours and marks I usually know going into a piece what palette I am going to use and then I begin the ritual of balancing everything, I respond to each layer and colour spontaneously. Hiding the bits I don’t like and bringing forward the parts which I think ‘work’, I enjoy the surprise element which I experienced with each piece and sometimes work across a few at a time, but no two are ever the same. I often begin my ideas with gathering, collating and sorting things such as materials, marks and colours. As a print technician I spend a lot of my time in shared workshops and studio spaces clearing up, here I can use leftover inks and scraps of newsprint to collect these elements or create quick mono-prints in the spur of the moment. I come from a fine art painting background but soon fell in love with the print room at university and have never looked back since. I am fascinated by process and love the challenge of trying to manipulate and develop a technique that compliments my existing practice. I intend to use the opportunity of AA2A to restart my own creative practice, in a new environment which doesn't feel like a work place, a space I can focus on and become completely absorbed in my ideas and making. I feel that taking some time away from supporting others and allowing myself the headspace to focus on my own thoughts around my practice, asking questions and more importantly being in an environment where I can learn from others and have more conceptual discussions.
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