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Lorna Ellen

As an impassioned environmental artist, my work consistently delves into the juxtaposition of the organic and synthetic, resonating with an urgency to address pressing concerns like climate change and plastic pollution. With an academic background in Textile Crafts and Art, I've scratched the surface of dyeing waste plastics, yet feel there's a vast realm yet to be explored. I'm also eager to infuse ceramics into my work, viewing it as a medium full of potential, rich with texture and narrative. While I harbour a deep appreciation for traditional techniques, I'm no stranger to the modern era's tools, including laser cutters and 3D printers. For me, AA2A isn't merely about expanding my toolkit. It represents a vibrant platform for creativity, refinement, and collaboration with fellow artists. With specific objectives in mind, such as diving deeper into dye processes, marrying tech with age-old practices, and soaking in insights from a lively academic setting, I approach this venture as a pivotal moment in my artistic journey. It's an opportunity to challenge preconceptions, evolve, and produce works that resonate on multiple levels, echoing a blend of innovation, tradition, and unwavering commitment to environmental advocacy. In a nutshell, my vision goes beyond being just an artist. I am a storyteller at heart, crafting narratives that spotlight the environment while harmoniously merging the past with the present.
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