Manchester Metropolitan University   2008/2009

Naomi Ryder

Working in the textiles department at Manchester metropolitan university was a great experience. I did my degree in this department many years ago so it was good to visit familiar surroundings. I wanted to gain experience with all the textiles and digital equipment available and so this is what I concentrated on.

I do embroidery and wanted to see what techniques and equipment was available for what I wanted to produce. I had an idea that the computerised embroidery machine would suit my work but I ended up preferring the digital fabric printer of which I got quite a few samples made. For me having the space and time was important but I became much more interested in finding out about all the equipment both new and old machines. This experience has helped move my practice forward as I am pushing a section of my work in print form. I would recommend the experience to any artist.

Photographer: the artist

'Cameo Pattern'

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Naomi will take part in Cockpit arts open, June 2009.