University College Falmouth   2009/2010

Rae Chapman

My work is based on scanning sites and situations to home in on a dominant social discourse that generates critical dialogue using art and design as a toolkit for inquiry. My projects have used live, film, textiles, sound and written methods to create a sometimes humorous and often challenging response to those situations. Part of my work has involved creating interactions between projections, sound and distressed industrial textiles to create a narrative of destruction and transformation that casts repeat patterns, shadow and light within an installation. My interest is in extending the range of work I currently undertake with communities and in galleries by developing my skills as a designer/maker creating objects that work within an interior design, gallery or public art context. I want to explore how complex concepts of reality and agency can be communicated and given meaningful physical presence through good design.

I am interested in how new print processes can allow me to create work on different scales, with more controlled ways of creating complex negative and positive space through laser cutting, and how I can create frameworks to install sculpted 3D pieces. The latest digital technologies would allow me to translate these experiments to both flexible (like fabric) and hard materials (like glass) to create ephemeral and enduring work, that reflect the concepts of well-being that I investigate.

I studied Textile Design at Falmouth and I miss being a designer/maker and the joy of creating objects. I want to update and increase my awareness of and skills in using the technologies and materials available to improve how I articulate ideas though objects, whilst expanding future work opportunities. It would be wonderful to spend time working and having conversations in an art college environment to update and stimulate new thinking and ways of making.

Photographer: the artist

'Universal Perspectives 1'
distressed industrial textiles, thread, glass and light - 3m x 2.5m

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