City of Liverpool College   2009/2010

Sian Hughes

The six year Arts in Health programme in the North Wales NHS Trust, where I was an Artist in Residence, has just ended. I now have time to explore an art form I started last year: Cyanotypes.

This photographic process resonates with me for a number of reasons. My original professional focus was in textiles; specifically batik which involved using hot wax for texture and resist, and layering colour using the immersion process. I sought to confound expectations of batik by producing large scale public art pieces incorporating perspex, steel and artificial back-lighting.

In the Hospital environment, as well as working with patients, I created large scale artworks for clinical areas. I often used digital photography as a starting point, working into them before having them printed on vinyls for windows, back-lit ceiling panels and panoramas.

I am excited at the thought of bringing all these experiences together in Cyanotypes:- resist; layering; double exposure; printing on vinyls. In addition, I will be able to create palimpsests of text and photographic negatives.

I am currently making Cyanotype images using double exposure to explore the juxtaposition of organic and inorganic forms eg Cutlery Series ii.

I wish to develop a body of work for exhibition, using paper and fabric and other surfaces. In addition, I want to be able to respond creatively to commissions, site specific spaces and collections using the Cyanotype process.

I am excited by the opportunity AA2A offers in helping me to achieve these aims by making access possible to professional technical equipment. Lack of this has slowed down my progress thus far. I am also looking forward to working in an environment where ideas can be exchanged across a range of disciplines and to working and interacting with fellow artists.

Photographer: the artist

'Cutlery Series II'
cyanotype on paper - 21 x 29 cm

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tel :  0151 709 1940

Exhibitions :
AA2A Artists at Liverpool 2009/10 exhibited in the Arts Centre display windows at Liverpool Community College from May 25th - June 6th 2010.